May 04, 2022

viewer comments

comments from people viewing a photo are a very important part of the creative process.  often, this takes the form of personal feedback to the artist.  this can be very helpful to the artist, yet it is limited to just two people.

when someone gives me feedback, i naturally think of someone else who might appreciate hearing it. or, the feedback is a different perspective that others might consider. or, what if this person and that person could have a conversation about this?

the purpose of the comments sections for each photo is to give viewers an opportunity to share their response and read others' responses to an image. comments may be posted at the bottom of any photo post.

this format is meant to facilitate a larger conversation that may be started by a photo. it may unfold and flow in a natural way as each person shares their thoughts, feelings, perspective.

we all learn from each other

on a creative energy level, these comments or conversations become part of the photo. energetically, a photo is not static, it can grow, evolve, change as people add their comments.  when we engage this process as a group, it becomes much more than my interpretation of the photo. it becomes ours

i don't consider these my photos. i may have helped in the creative process that results in a photo.  the subject - nature - is ours.

one valuable aspect of this shared feedback process is seeing the different ways people react, see, respond, experience a photo.  it provides depth and an expanding insight that can extend far beyond looking at something beautiful.

when we feel deeply, listen to our experience of a photo and then share that with others, it can access and connect with a deeper level with others.

i see this clearly in meditation classes when, after a meditation session, people share their experiences.  one person's comment touches someone else that expands their experience.  a third person hears both and adds another dimension to it.

we all learn from each other.

any and all kinds of comments are welcome here.  feel free to reply to other comments and maybe a conversation unfolds, possibly beyond this website.

comments may be thoughts inspired by a photo. they may be an art critique.  comments may also be a deeper, intuitive, gut feeling or response felt by body, mind or spirit.

i first encountered this deeper, feeling inspired form of feedback from the zen of creativity by john daido loori, an accomplished photographer and one of the early american zen monks/abbots in the 1970's.  loori writes about the importance of a creative feedback group to an artist and gives a simple zen style meditation as a part of the process.  click on the jeweled mirror to read this chapter.

i've created another simple relaxation/guided meditation to help shift focus from the brain thinking about a photo to how the body, mind and spirit experiences an image. this is a process of using the body as ground, listening to inner sensations and experiences that resonate with a photo. click on relax into your being pdf to read this meditation. click on relax into your being audio  to listen to (and/or download)  this guided practice as an audio file.

feel free to try these meditations as a way to pause, listen and feel a deeper response to a photo. modify them to meet your needs, or create your own.

my priority with these photos is to get out of the way and allow nature to communicate, then listen to each person's experience. i so deeply trust this process i'll follow wherever it leads.

we all learn from each other 

and...from nature.

~ thank you for contributing to the creative process ~

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