starry night at leslie gulch

location: owyhee canyonlands

season: spring

we tend to think of landscapes as static, looking just one way, typically the moment we were there. in fact, they change considerably from morning to evening, with snow or spring green, or a thunderstorm.

this photo shows one of my favorite locations, leslie gulch, under full moon and starry sky. we often don't see this aspect, even when it's a familiar place, because we prefer to sleep. i'm not sure why.

i try to write about what middle of the night, full moon light does to a landscape and find words just aren't adequate.

i guess that's why i take photos and make large prints. the visual is so much more accurate/real.

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avocet mirrored
Aug 14, 2023
avocet mirrored
before dawn
Aug 11, 2023
before dawn