sacred geometry

location: mt. vernon

season: early summer

backstory: with more experience in nature photography, i notice my artistic eye becoming increasingly fine tuned, seeing details in nature that weren't apparent earlier. this is particularly true of lines, shapes, or a geometry inherent in the natural design found in nature.

this flower is milkweed, a great example.  the star shaped pattern of lines, with subtle shading of light and color provided by low angle dawn light, illuminates a sacred quality i find quite compelling. see also: photos as mandalas.

it feels sacred because of the exquisite, intricate beauty that totally engages body, mind and spirit. we can find this not only in the shapes and lines within a flower, also within everything around us.  sometimes it is more apparent when very small things are shown as a large print.

milkweed has a special role in nature as it is the only plant monarch butterflies lay eggs on.  as monarches are struggling these days, areas of milkweed have been identified to encourage vital habit. the area around mt. vernon is one milkweed zone.

here's another example of nature's geometry from a soon-to-be print:

my eye is drawn to the intersection of lines and angles, colors of blades of grass with the  butterfly arcs and curves.

and another:

i'm learning how art can provide a window into the sacred geometry of nature.

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