dawn meditation

location: hart mountain

backstory: i am enamored of pronghorns.  the colors. the horns. their speed and agility. their ability to survive. and, especially the eyes. the eyes go deep.

pronghorn coloration blends in with the high desert country to perfection.  while i'm fond of the earth tones of rock, hills, and mountains, dawn and/or sunset golden hour light on these animals is breathtakingly beautiful.

the fastest land mammal in north america (second only to the african cheetah worldwide), pronghorns can run from 35 - 65 mph. for 1-4 miles. watching a dozen does fly across the open country around hart mountain is wonderful to see. they turn and maneuver as a group with ballet-like precision.

of 12 similar species from 12,000 to 2 million years ago, pronghorns are the only survivors. they can eat high desert plants that other animals find toxic. their vision extends 320 degrees, which might help explain their long term survival when other species disappear.
all together, these qualities produce a very unique creature.

this scene is at dawn on a cool, dewy, early summer morning. while it is common for pronghorns to flee at first sight of a human, sometimes they seem to have a curiosity about these newcomers to the high desert.

while they can out-run anything on the ground, they can also sit serenely at dawn, watching the sunrise with a youngster. i've spent a good deal of time meditating all over the world with skilled masters, in himalayan temples. sharing this moment with an obvious sage, it's deep onyx black eyes reflecting wisdom extending tens of thousands of years, provides something more than all those years of practice.

difficult to put into words.  thus, this photo: dawn meditation

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