winter brilliance

cathedral rock - john day fossil beds

location: kimberly, oregon
late winter

backstory: cathedral rock was one of my initial photography muses in this area. that first drive down hiway 19 thru condon, fossil & spray felt like entering another dimension.  when i came around the curve and saw cathedral rock it felt like a gong reverberating in my head. it hasn't stopped since. the popular name may be cathedral, it is a temple to me, a dojo, a sacred place to practice awareness.

this muse inspired, pushed, teased & demanded i embrace the photographic creative process, if only to create one image that did this place honor, to make something beautiful.

it took awhile.

during a six year process i made over three dozen pilgrimages here, thru each of the seasons. kayaking down, then wading thru the river. at dawn, at sunset.  wandering under a summer full moon. scampering up hillsides & across scree. bushwacking thru 10' tall weeds. looking at each angle.  listening to the wind, river and desert sounds. each time i learned something new.  each time, a little closer to one clear image.

it doesn't snow here often.  when it does, it usually doesn't last long.  this storm was different.  perched on a steep slope, thigh deep in snow, i waited several hours for the right combination of sun, clouds and shadow.

the muse smiled. grasshopper had learned something.

and...there are several more scenes calling.

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avocet mirrored
Aug 14, 2023
avocet mirrored
before dawn
Aug 11, 2023
before dawn