summer's end

location: owyhee reservoir
last days of summer

backstory:  this is one of those photo opportunities that sneaks up on you. literally.  i was intensely focused on a scene 180º in the other direction.  

throughout this 90º+ day, desert colors were thin and washed out while kayaking from a camping spot back to my rig. there was a channel that ran around to the right side of this photo.  

i was up on the ridge of the island trying to shoot the reflection of the background cliffs in the channel.  it just wasn't working.  sunset light began to shift colors.  the island ridge shadow blocked the channel.  i could feel the sand in the hourglass beginning to trickle away.  sunset light is so fleeting and short.

letting go of the channel shot, i turned around, hiked to the ridge top and saw this.  a few clicks of the camera, a subtle setting of the sun and the moment dissolves. The golden light of sunset teaches impermanence of all things.

moral of the story: when intensely focused in front of you, take a moment to turn around.

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avocet mirrored
Aug 14, 2023
avocet mirrored
before dawn
Aug 11, 2023
before dawn