regal presence

location: owyhee canyonlands

backstory: raptors have a presence unlike many other wildlife i've seen in the high desert. we can see it in the eyes.  they are alert, constantly scanning and aware of a large area around them. their clarity and distance of vision is outstanding.

this photo is one of several of a ferruginous hawk; see  taking wing. each of these photos reflects an aspect of this powerful bird's personality.

in the moment, it seemed as if this hawk was posing, much like a royal prince would for a portrait. it felt regal, fully aware of it's strength and power within the realm. there is little that it misses with that powerful gaze. it is a confident and self assured being that knows it's place in nature. 

ps - after writing this, i learned that the latin name is buteo regalis - royal hawk.

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Aug 14, 2023
avocet mirrored
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Aug 11, 2023
before dawn