our town - fall

location: john day, oregon

season: fall

the small town of john day (1735 people) sits near the beginning of the john day river valley that flows west along the strawberry and aldrich mountain ranges, turns north through the fossil beds, kimberly and spray, and eventually meets the columbia river between the dalles and arlington.

compared to other oregon rivers, it is small, yet it is a vital aspect of this high desert country.

snowmelt makes it's way along this route nourishing a narrow strip of green within the dry, brown, rocky background. decidious trees gather here and in the fall, when conditions are suitable, present a golden display highlighted by a low angle setting sun.  mountain snow in the background is a preview of winter's arrival, see road's end.

this photo was taken just up the hill behind my house. i have the great fortune of a daily panoramic view across the valley and our town throughout the seasons. it is an ongoing wonder.

the framed print of this photo is 82" x 30". this online version can't express the detail of that size.  if you'd like to see this, and other, prints in person, send a message through the contact page and arrange a visit to my studio/gallery.

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