leslie gulch by moon light

location: leslie gulch

backstory: leslie gulch is a place i often visit, which is reflected by the number of photos from there in my portfolio.  the rock formations are unique in oregon.  the range of colors and textures is fascinating.  seeing these canyons in different seasons, light, weather brings out different qualities.

night photography appeals to me because of the differences in quality and quantity of light.  an advantage of digital cameras is the ability to record very minute amounts of light, especially stars.  less intense light softens a landscape and the eye is drawn to different features compared to daylight.

moonlit scenes are exquisite for this quality.  there are photos with the moon as the focus, subject or a part of the composition (see setting sun/rising moon). then there are photos where the moon is the source of light, unseen.  size of the moon (how full), angle, clouds all play a part in light quality.

this photo, under a springtime full moon, brings out the other-worldly, ethereal qualties of these desert rock canyons.  a star filled sky background gives galaxy level depth that even my favorite daytime cloud formations can't match.  night shadows provided by moonlight add a subtler layer of contrast compared to sharp daylight shadows.

overall, it feels softer, gentler, deeper and...quieter. like being with a friend, lover, by candlelight.  enough light to see by, not so much for distractions. it allows us to focus on the depth of feeling in the moment.

the process of these photos includes: wandering the canyons within leslie gulch, finding a good setting; awaring how the scene changes as the moon flows across the sky; experimenting with different angles; and, often, returning on subsequent nights, or trips, or seasons, listening for that moment, returning to moonlit shadows.

why sleep through the night when this is calling?

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