Mar 06, 2022

it's about nature

without planning to, i find myself deeply drawn into this creative photographic process. it's not like i need another career; the healing arts of chinese medicine are very fulfilling. backcountry treks are immensely nourishing on a personal level. body, mind and spirit vibrate with the energy, just being there is enough. why carry around all that photo gear? i do enjoy the creative aspects of camera, editing, printing & frames. there is no compelling need to be known as an artist or a photographer, they seem merely tools. then, tools for what?

sitting in the serene quiet of 10,000' staring at immense panoramic landscapes extending hundreds of miles, it becomes very simple and clear:

it's about nature.

the deepest call comes to express the beauty, energy, spirit of these places i wander to.  many are off well traveled paths and/or not typically seen, or at times when not easily visited. most of these places are simple, ordinary, what i call backcountry locations. not necessarily national park or national geographic settings.  more likely places overlooked traveling between grander destinations.

and yet... each has it's own intrinsic, natural beauty, energy, spirit if...we take the time to notice.

that's what i'm drawn to: taking the time to notice. see these places in different seasons, light, weather. listen closely to know place deep enough to express it through camera to print.

a personal benefit of this process is: i get to be there/here.

i also would like to share that with interested others who may never see these places.

in some small way,  this might bring awareness to our relationship with nature. my move to eastern oregon has put me in touch with nature in unexpected ways.  i consider this region my backyard (see wandering the backcountry) and i'm getting to know it in a deep way.  i'm learning that nature isn't just an exotic, stunning place somewhere else we travel to on vacation, it's right where we live, our own backyard.

as i connect, deeply connect with the places of these photos, a relationship develops. with each season and each storm and each experience that relationship deepens.

maybe these photos of my backyard, backcountry oregon, can serve as a reminder of the beauty, energy and spirit of this wonderful place we call home. and in the process, recognize that we are a part of nature, too, that we are all interconnected.

it's not for me to define that relationship. i do feel called to present these photos as a reflection, a starting point of an ongoing conversation with nature and each other to explore our relationships.

feel free to leave comments here and with any photo that calls to you.

~ thanks for reading ~

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